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Ilkley Stone

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Artisan Collection Click here

SALE - 2 for £9.oo

Fragrance Fiesta! Click here

Ilkley Classic

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Amber Ilkley Collection

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Wax Containers

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Artisan Striped Candle (30cl)


This beautiful multi-layered candle in a glass comes in Snow Fairy fragrance.  Approx 40+ hours burn time.  All hand-poured in York. (Fragrance: Snow Fairy)

Artisan Beach Candle - NEW!


A lovely crafted candle set in wax gel with an embedded soy centre.  Locally collected shells and stones, beautifully arranged, make this candle a unique centrepiece. (Fragrance: Thai, Lime & Mango)

Ilkley range - 30cl

Black Matt Glass with Wooden lid (30 cl)


Choose from seven prime fragrances. Soy wax & cotton wicks. All hand poured in York.

  • Approx 40-45 hours burn time
  • Natural Soy wax and cotton wick
  • Carefully blended fragrance oils designed for long lasting scent throw. 
  • Hessian pouch or boxed
  • Recyclable glass
  • Vegan & cruelty free

Ilkley Range (20cl)

Amber glass with black lid (20cl)


Choose from eight of our high-end fragrances. Soy wax and cotton wicks. All hand poured in York.

  • Approx 30 - 35 hours burn time
  • Natural Soy wax and cotton wick
  • Carefully blended fragrance oils designed for long lasting scent throw.
  • Recyclable glass
  • Vegan & cruelty free.

Gift Box-sets (two candles)

Gift Box-set


Choose any Two 9cl candles to go into a hand-made black box. A choice of our prime range fragrances made from soy wax and cotton wicks.

Fragrance Fiesta

Now ONLY 2 for £9.00

Soy Wax, cotton wicks

over 25 fragrances to choose from..

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BESPOKE Stone candle & REFILLS

Bespoke hand-made candle & REFILLS


Refill and Reuse - Sustainable Candles

We are proud to present our latest edition: The Ilkley Stone Candle in Soy wax. 40+ hours burn time.

Not only do we make the candle, we make the beautiful stone container too. This truly is an exclusive gift for all occasions. 

We can also supply REFILLS for the stone range (available in the drop down box)

* As we make these vessels, please allow up to five working days to complete the order.

Soy Wax melts & containers


We have a large selection of fragrances in our wax melt range, all made from SOY Wax.

There are also some lovely new Wax Melt Containers to choose from.

Snap bars 100% recyclable, making them a greener choice.


Bought 2 candles at York market. I was there for the weekend and bought them for the sake of taking something home for a reminder. WOW absolutely beautiful quality product. I will definitely be ordering more. I asked the lady if they lasted and was the smell strong. She said they did and she was right. You can feel the oils in them. I bought the Amber Sweet Orange and a Cherry. Would recommend. Thank you - Regina

Absolutely love supporting local businesses when we visit somewhere. We picked up some gorgeous wax melts from York Shambles market from Wharfedale Candles. This ones smells exactly like La Vie. I can't wait to fill the house with the smell of this. The flowers are also hand picked recently from Thailand which I absolutely love.


These look lovely (the new range) I received some of your candles for my birthday and they look gorgeous. The Happy Little Gift Shop

I have the candle next to
bed and it doesn't even need to be lit - it's amazing I just lay in bed sometimes sniffing the candle!


The candles smell delicious and are obviously high quality as they burn nice and evenly and slowly 🕯.


 I really can’t thank you enough for your wonderful customer service. You are a credit to yourselves and your business.


My latest order has arrived today and I am so pleased with all of my purchases, they are simply stunning. The scents are just so wonderful but not overpowering.

Carol S

I have recently received my two orders and I couldn't be happier. The quality of the candles is excellent and the fragrances are amazing. The customer service and quality of the products is second to none and a huge credit to Alison and Andy. I will always recommend their products. ❤️

Beautiful scents and presentation- aroma/fragrance fills the whole room for ages, as the candle lasts for hours. Very calming.
Will be buying again.


About us

Our story began in April 2020 during the first lockdown. This gave us an opportunity to fulfil a shared ambition to create a business making candles and we have developed our ranges since then. Our cottage industry is now based in the beautiful historical city or YORK in North Yorkshire.

Aside from online orders and local deliveries, we also trade at York Shambles Market every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Bulk orders undertaken as well as party/wedding gifts. Contact us for more details.


All our products are safe and non-toxic, vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

We only source our materials and products from quality manufacturers in the UK.

Our wax is primarily Soy, as well as from a variety of natural and mineral waxes.

The wicks are made purely of the highest-grade ring-spun cotton providing great burning results.

Our large range of scented fragrance oils are made from natural fragrances and essential sources.

Our products

We hand pour all our candles to create our distinctive colour ranges and a wide variety of fragrances.

We have recently introduced our own hand-made stone containers with high end fragrances. These are available in limited editions at the moment.

We are committed to improving and extending our products, and we will soon will be offering a premium range of fragrances as well as large box sets for special occasions.